What is Linly Heflin?

The Linly Heflin Unit was founded in 1919 as a women’s service organization. Since 1923 the major focus of the group has been to further the education of young women in Alabama. The Linly Heflin Unit is small in number- only 125 women- but each is dedicated to sharing her time and abilities. Through the years, over 3,000 four-year scholarships have been awarded to Alabama girls attending Alabama colleges and universities.

How does Linly Heflin fund so many scholarships?

The annual Linly Heflin Scholarship Luncheon and Fashion Show continues to be our primary fundraiser. Other funding comes from our Scholarship Trust Fund, which is our permanent endowment fund. Named scholarship funds and gifts and memorials are deposited in this fund.

What actually happens to my donation to Linly Heflin?

Simply put, 100% of it goes straight into funding scholarships. Your donation will not be used for administration or overhead. Linly Heflin has an administrative account, funded solely by membership dues, which pays all administrative expenses. Furthermore, volunteers do all of our labor.

Different ways of giving to Linly Heflin include cash, stock, starting a named scholarship, grants and memorials. Grant money is used immediately; all other, including profit from our fundraiser, goes into the principal of the endowment fund, ensuring the perpetuation of scholarships. When a donation is received, it is put into our bank trust account. The bank sends the donor an official letter acknowledging the contribution, and stating that we are a 501(c)(3) corporation, making all contributions tax deductible.

How does Linly Heflin select the scholarship recipients?

We seek bright, motivated young women in order to give them the means to pursue their goals. A vital part of the Linly Heflin Unit is our Scholarship Committee. This 29-member committee has the responsibility of interviewing and selecting the new recipients for scholarship each year. Approximately 250 applications will be examined, and this list will be reduced to the 100 deemed most likely to be granted a scholarship. The criteria used in the selection process include : high G.P.A.s, good ACT and SAT scores, extracurricular activities, proof of need for financial help, and the over-all impression the candidates make during the interviews. A two-member team interviews each girl at a designated time in the spring. Subsequently, the entire committee meets for several days to discuss and evaluate the candidates. Between 20 and 25 girls will be given scholarships. Our scholarships are for $4000.00 per year for four years of undergraduate study. We currently haveĀ 98 girls on scholarship at 15 colleges and universities in Alabama. The Unit stays in touch with the girls on a regular basis throughout their college careers.