Linly Helfin Welcomes New Members


2014 New Members

L to R: Tricia Dodson, Cindy Marbury, Ginny Hutchinson, Jean Oliver, Thomasene Collins, Julie Goyer (Not pictured: Ellen Walker and Katherine Billmeier)


May 1, 2014


Gina Boyd


Birmingham, AL –

The Linly Heflin Unit welcomed its newest members during its May meeting at the Country Club of Birmingham. Katherine Billmeier, Thomasene Collins, Tricia Dodson, Julie Goyer, Ginny Hutchinson, Cindy Marbury, Jean Oliver and Ellen Walker, all of Birmingham, will add to the talent pool of the service organization founded in 1919. The eight new members will start work immediately on the 56th Annual Scholarship Luncheon and Fashion Show.Since 1923 the major focus of the group has been to further the higher education of young women in Alabama. Through the years, more than3,000 scholarships totaling more than $5 million have been awarded to deserving recipients. Scholarship Committee Chairs Caroline Thomas and Happy Anthony announced that 30 four-year scholarships and two one year grants were awarded for Fall admissions this year.The annual Linly Heflin Scholarship Luncheon and Fashion Show continues to be the primary fundraiser for its scholarship program. All operating expenses for the Unit are covered by membership dues, which allows all monies raised from the community to go directly to scholarships.This year the event is set for Wednesday, October 1, 2014, at the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel Civic Center Ballroom. Co-chairs Kate Cotton and Sue Ellen Lucas announced the 56th Annual Scholarship Luncheon and Fashion Show will be produced by Michael Tatum. Well-known Birmingham clothier Gus Mayer will again partner with the Linly Heflin Unit and provide designer fashions for the show.The Linly Heflin Unit is a group of 125 women dedicated to sharing time and talent to serve the community and fulfill its mission: “Educate a woman and you educate a family.”


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